Scoring Individual Games

With a bright display that’s easily visible from the far end of the court, Scoreholio’s “free play” scoreboard is the best way to keep track of individual games. You can even change the colors of the scorecards to match your bags!

"Friends & Family" Play

Scoreholio makes it easy to set up a tiny tournament on a set of boards or two, so it’s a great way to organize casual play among friends and family from the backyard to the beach to the tailgate before the big game.

Blind Draws

Scoreholio helps clubs and venues take their weekly blind draws to the next level by implementing round robin play that gives players a full evening of entertainment, automates court assignments and playoff generation, keeps things moving by alerting players when they’re up, and displaying real-time results on a dashboard. Then there’s our unique “Switcholio” format that gives each player a new random partner for each game of the tournament.


Scoreholio makes it easy to run any kind of league, from the simplest “here for the beer” leagues to complex setups that single-handedly meet the needs of players of all levels. You can implement multiple tiers of competition with the ability to promote/relegate teams like the European soccer leagues.

Big Tournaments

Scoreholio is a full-featured tournament automation platform that organizers of big tournaments adore for its ability to support a wide range of formats, give players the power to track and submit their own scores right from the court, and let fans on-site and around the world track all the action from their phone or computer.