Welcome to Streamholio!

If you’re sheltering in place and need a cornhole fix, you’ve come to the right place! Streamholio is a virtual tournament format that offers fast-paced, fully interactive cornhole tournaments that run about two hours from start to finish.  We think it’s the best way to keep your edge by playing against real competition in real time!

If you don’t have a game code yet, ask your touranment organizer. If you’re not in a game, ask whoever runs your own league or local tournaments if they’re running Streamholio yet, or join the Scoreholio Live Facebook group to find out and join in games being run from anywhere.

How to Play in One

  1. Join a Zoom meeting with your camera showing your cornhole court and a Scoreholio scoreboard.
  2. Throw 8 bags from the far end, as two sets of 4, one set from each side.
  3. Come get your bags, update your scoreboard, and head back to the far end.
  4. Do that four times. Your point total will be compared with whoever you were playing against to determine if you won or lost.

Here’s a video that walks you through the process:

How to Run One

  1. Set up a Zoom meeting; you’ll invite players to it like a conference call but they’ll display boards instead of faces.
  2. Promote/recruit/communicate via Facebook and Facebook messenger.
  3. Set up a Scoreholio tournament: Run it as if everybody was in the same room…easy peasy!