How to Play in a Streamholio Tournament

So you’re sitting in Cornonavirus quarantine, league cancelled, tournaments postponed, and you’re itching to play bags. Good news: Scoreholio has your back!

We’ve come up with a special game that lets you play by yourself, but against real competition, thanks to the combination of Scoreholio and Zoom teleconferencing. We think it’s the best way to keep your edge by playing against real competition, all across the country, in real time!

Promoters/directors across the country are starting to run them, so talk to whoever runs your own league or local tournaments, or join the Scoreholio Live Facebook group to find out and join in games being run from anywhere.

(Note: If you want to run a Streamholio tournament, check out the Organizers Guide to Streamholio.)

Abbreviated Instructions

  1. Join a Zoom meeting with your camera showing your cornhole court and a Scoreholio scoreboard.
  2. Throw 8 bags from the far end, as two sets of 4, one set from each side.
  3. Come get your bags, update your scoreboard, and head back to the far end.
  4. Do that four times. Your point total will be compared with whoever you were playing against to determine if you won or lost.

Here’s a video that walks you through the process:

Complete Step-by-Step Instructions

What You’ll Need

  • 1 set of boards (must be tournament regulation)
  • 2 sets of bags (can be two different brands/models if you want)
  • 1 cell phone for live streaming your own game (make sure it’s charged!)
  • 1 tablet, phone or laptop  To use as a live scoreboard (charge it too!)
  • A way to mount your cell phone used for live streaming (see guidelines below)
  • A tape measure to demonstrate 27′ between boards. (you can run a 25 footer from one end and a shorter one from the other end, showing the TD that your boards are 2′ longer than the 25′ tape’s length)

IMPORTANT! If two players want to share a court, they need to set up at the opposite ends of the court, each with their own streaming device and their own scoreboard. Otherwise they literally take twice as long as everybody else and hold back the tournament. They will play their games simultaneously, taking turns throwing each bag.

What to do Before the Tournament

  1. Like the Scoreholio Live Facebook group at
  2. Download the app “Zoom Cloud Meetings” for Apple or Android, or if you’re
    going to use a computer get the browser extension for Chrome or Firefox.
    2A: Sign up for an account and get ready to join a meeting
  3. Make sure you have good WiFi or cell service where your streaming device will be set up
  4. Follow Find the Scoreholio live tournament you are in on the Scoreholio App and follow yourself, turn on court notification alerts so you know when to start each round.

How to Set Up for a Tournament

  1. Be Ready to Demonstrate Distance: You will be required to show that your boards are 27’ apart, so extend a tape measure on the ground so you can show everyone on the live stream at the beginning of the tournament.
  2. Set Up Your Streaming Device: Mount the device you’ll use to join the Zoom meeting directly behind the board you’ll be throwing at. The field of view needs to include the entire surface of the board, the entire length of the court, and the scoreboard. Make sure the microphone and speaker are unobscured so you can hear, and everybody else can hear you. Horizontal/landscape mode generally yields better views. Here’s a great example of an ideal setup, with the only nitpick being glare on the scoreboard.
  3. Set Up Your Scoreboard: To display and lock your scoring, you’ll fire up a Streamholio scoreboard. Your organizer will either give you a game code you can enter at or send you a link that takes you to a screen with the code pre-populated. After clicking the next button you will see a drop down with a list of names. Select your name from the list. You will notice that on the left (top) is round # and on the right (bottom) is “Unassigned” When your organizer hits start tournament your name will appear on the right (bottom).

    Note: If you don’t have WiFi, you will need to use the free play scoreboard in the app or a web browser, and report game totals to your TD.

Set Yourself Up on Zoom

  • Once your account is set up, make sure you change your display name to your first and last name, and your location.

  • You will be sent a ZOOM conference meeting room number. Click on the “join meeting button and enter in the meeting ID

Tournament Format

  • Round Robin: You will be playing a 4 game round robin against opponents randomly selected from the others playing.
  • Playoffs: After the 4 game round robin there will be a seeded single elimination tournament. Tie breakers are as follows: Record- Total Points – Score Differential

Game Play

  1. Start at the far board, away from the streaming device, with 8 bags.
  2. Throw the first set of 4 bags from one side of the board.
  3. Stay at that end, step to the other side of the board, and throw the second set of 4 bags
  4. Walk toward the board at the camera end of the court, move your rounds to the appropriate round completed and your continuous total score
  5. Walk back to the far set of boards and do that again. You will do that a total of four frames, throwing 8 bags each round, total of 32 bags in all, potential total of 96 points per round.
  6. When you have completed 4 frames, click the lock button in the middle of the screen which will indicate to your organizer that you are reporting your score. There is no need to call out the score when using the Streamholio scoreboard and lock button.
  7. In the Event of a Tie: Ties are allowed in the round robin. In the playoffs, if a game is tied after all 4 rounds, the players will throw another round of 8 bags to determine the winner.
    If they tie again, they keep going.

Rules & Best Practices

  1. Most directors will live stream their tournaments so people can watch, and leave the stream online so people can review the touranment afterward. Most tournament directors will give participants 24 hours to review a recorded version of the stream before locking in the results and awarding any prizes.
  2. If a player’s live stream goes down, they should re-throw the round during which it went down. If a player is disconnected for an extended period of time, they should be removed from the tournament and forfeit their entry fee.
  3. If things go haywire, most directors will attempt to re-rally the troops and pick things back up, or replay from the beginning if it was just underway. If they can’t do either, they should reimburse all entry fees.
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