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You can also upgrade to SPR+ to remove ads, view game history and advanced stats, and lot’s of other features.

The cost for SPR+ is $0.99 per month or $9.99 per year.


If you’re looking to organize small to mid sized tournaments, the free version of Scoreholio will almost certainly meet your needs. We offer comprehensive documentation and helpful tutorials on our web site, and provide community support via a Facebook group called Scoreholio Organizers & Players.

If you run something a little more serious like a weekly league, multi-stage tournaments where you’re merging or splitting round robin pools into multiple playoffs, or big brackets of 50-60 teams, you can upgrade to one of our paid plans to access our real-time support and advanced functionality.


All Divisions now have Player Pre-Registration

2 months free with all annual plans!
Never Expires
For those just getting started.
Cross platform access across web, iOS, Android, Amazon Fire
Realtime Digital Scoreboards & Dashboards
Round Robin & Switcholio
Single & Double Elimination
Unlimited Teams/Players
Support: Private Facebook Group
Realtime scoring widget for live streaming
Maximum Courts: 8
Maximum Bracket Size: 32
Maximum Round Robin Rounds: 8
Max weeks in a Set Schedule: 4
Max teams in a Set Schedule: 8
1 - logo or ad on the dashboard/app
Join Now!Join Now!
Everybody needs a little support.
Cancel Anytime!
Everything in Social plus...
Live Chat with remote assistance
Player Scoring - Players can score from their own devices
Game Timers
Send custom alerts to all players
Max weeks in a Set Schedule: 26
Max teams in a Set Schedule: Unlimited
Funds Future Development
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Serious Organizers should start here.
Cancel Anytime!
Everything in Competitive plus...
Phone Support when you need it.
Import Players/Teams from previous tournaments
Create Additional Brackets (Divisions)
Pause Courts
# of Losses (Knockout Format)
Remote Mode for devices
Split Brackets
Maximum Round Robin Rounds: 99
Funds future development
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Everything but the kitchen sink!
Cancel Anytime!
Everything in Advanced plus...
Bragging rights! You're a VIP.
Early access to new features
Funds future development
Maximum Courts: 16
Maximum Bracket Size: 64
Best of 3/5/7 on single and double elim brackets (Up to 48 team bracket)
Squadholio, a new format where 2 quads compete against each other.
Unlimited Ads on Dashboard and App
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Are you a registered nonprofit, or running a one-time fundraiser? Contact us!

Note: All billing is done through the Apple AppStore or Google Play. You are always in full control of your subscription, and can cancel at anytime through the Subscriptions section of each respective app store.


Apple AppStore Subscriptions

Google Play Subscriptions

Pre-Registration Fees

If you choose to accept payment as part of pre-registration, either the player or organizer will pay a Scoreholio fee of 2%, with a maximum of $.99 per event, and a PayPal fee of 2.9% plus $.30. For example:

Cost of Event Scoreholio Fee PayPal Fee Total Charged Total to Organizer
$5.00 $0.10 $0.46 $5.56 $5.00
$25.00 $0.50 $1.07 $26.57 $25.00
$50.00 $0.99 $1.83 $52.82 $50.00
$100.00 $0.99 $3.33 $104.32 $100.00