The Next Step for our Labor of Love: Optional Upgrade Plans

Since its inception, Scoreholio has been a labor of love. We LOVE working with y’all to craft a tournament automation platform that’s changing the game for the better, and look forward to continuing to do so. Can’t forget the LABOR though – building and continuously improving an app like Scoreholio ain’t easy, nor is offering live chat support to a rapidly growing customer base.

That’s why on October 1st we’ll introduce a few upgrade options that’ll give appreciative users a way to show us some love, help us keep providing kickass support, and fund the continuing enhancement of the app. As part of this we’ll introducing some new features, because that’s just how we roll!

Good news: Scoreholio is still free!

Even professional organizers who run good-sized tournaments will still be able to use Scoreholio for free and get community support via the Scoreholio Event Organizers user group in Facebook. Our 100% free “Social” plan will still let you…

Our hope is that organizers who’ve seen Scoreholio make their lives easier, and their groups/events more fun and successful, will upgrade to one of our new optional paid plans.

Optional Paid Upgrade Plans Coming October 1st

  • To hit us up for support via live chat, you’ll need to pony up $4.99 a month for our “Competitive” plan. Think of it like buying a beer for one of the fellas who helps you out. Fair enough? You’ll also be able to turn on game timers to keep your tournament moving, and send custom alerts to all of your players.
  • To access our new phone support option, to import players from previous tournaments, and to place a custom ad on your dashboard, we’ll ask you to step up to our “Advanced” plan for $9.99 a month.
  • In order to run individual brackets or pools on more than 8 courts (up to 16) and create brackets bigger than 32 players or teams (up to 64) you’ll need to become a “Pro” for $19.99 a month. This will also give you early access to new features, and influence over our roadmap as part of a new advisory council we’ll be forming.

To see it all in one place, check out our new pricing plans page.

Note that all new users will be given a 30-day free trial of our Competitive plan — mostly so they can hit us up for live chat support while they learn the ropes and run their first few tournaments.

What do you think?

We think this “freemium” pricing model is a fair way for us to keep Scoreholio free for those who don’t want to pay, while giving those who benefit from our software a way to send our way a little well-earned compensation for our labor of love. As with all things, we look forward to hearing what you think.

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  1. Camron
    Camron says:

    We have used Scoreholio for months now and have had little to no issue with the software. Scoreholio has turned our tournaments into an absolute winner, people love the phone alerts and ease of using the tablets. Anytime I have needed anything you guys are only a chat menu away. I think you guys should be handsomely rewarded for your hard work and commitment.

    I know I make great money running my tournaments and have zero issues with paying you to help ME make money. Thanks for the great work, here’s to a bright future under the lights killing the cornhole game using Scoreholio! Cheers.

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