What tournament formats does Scoreholio support?

[expand title=”Round robin, single and double elimination.”]Scoreholio supports “round robin” play with any number of games per team. It also supports single elimination brackets and double elimination brackets which you can run standalone or as playoffs after round robin play.[/expand]

Does Scoreholio support Blind Draw and BYOP?

[expand title=”Yup.”]For doubles events you can assign set teams for “BYOP” events, or randomize players blind draw style. And for blind draws you can either randomize across all players or break people into skill-based pools (A, B and C) to ensure parity.[/expand]

Do you support any other ways to randomize players?

[expand title=”Yes!”]Scoreholio lets you really mix things up with a format called “Switcholio” that assigns players a new partner for each game of round robin play! Scoreholio maintains a leaderboard of individuals based on each person’s points. You can either recognize places based on that leaderboard, or pair them off one last time and run a seeded single elimination playoff.[/expand]


How much does it cost to get started with Scoreholio?

[expand title=”Zip. Zero. Nada.”]Even if all you do is use the app yourself, Scoreholio automates bracket and round robin play, alerts players when they’re up on which court, and lets people on site and around the world follow the action from their phones.

That said, the revolutionary awesomeness of Scoreholio lies in putting interactive scoreboards on every court and displaying a dashboard that lets everybody follow the real-time scores and results. Which I bet has you wondering…[/expand]

Isn’t it expensive to buy scoreboards and a dashboard?

[expand title=”Nope! Usually less than a single set of boards.”]

You can use any phone or tablet as a scoreboard. If you’ve got an old one laying around the house, game on. If not, you can log any player’s phone in as the scoreboard for a given court and you’re set. If you want to set up dedicated scoreboards, you can buy Amazon Fire 7 tablets for $30-$50.

For a dashboard, many venues have TVs you can stream your dashboard to with a $30-40 Fire TV stick. And if they don’t, you can pick up a 32″ TV with Fire built in for as little as $130. Check out our device recommendations page for links and current prices[/expand]

Internet Connectivity

Do I need Internet connectivity to run Scoreholio?

[expand title=”Just the device you’re running the event from.”]You do need whatever device you’re using to manage the tournament to have access to the internet, but most people use their phone for that so no problem.

Connecting the scoreboards at each court to the internet definitely improves the Scoreholio experience by streaming real-time scores to the event dashboard, but if that’s not an option players can still use Scoreholio to keep score and submit scores like they do or non-Scoreholio tournaments.[/expand]

But what if I want connectivity to all courts?

[expand title=”Mobile hotspot.”]

If your phone supports mobile hotspot and you can stay within striking distance of the courts, you can connect devices to your phone. You can also get a MiFi hotspot and connect that to a portable router in order to run a “fully connected” tournament in an outdoor area with no WiFi available.[/expand]

Still have questions?

If you’re looking to dive in and see how Scoreholio works, check out our video tutorials.

If you want to specific questions, join “Scoreholio Event Organizers” group in Facebook.