In-App Event Banner

Want to get your event in front of more eyes?

In 2021 Scoreholio was tasked to help run the largest cornhole tournament the world has ever seen: Spencer Makenzies Throwdown in Ventura, CA. This event has everything a cornhole player could dream of and all the trappings that keep an organizer up at night. In true Scoreholio form we decided to go big since Ventura is our home. Hence the birth of one of the coolest Scoreholio features: The Event Banner!!!


What is it?

The event banner is a way to combine all tournaments from one event into one easy place for players to look. Take Spencers, Friday is a whole host of big blind draws, side tournaments, switcholios etc. Maybe 12 different tournaments. Saturday is the mother of all beasts with 128 pools each ran as a single tournament and Sunday is no easier with 16 brackets for 3 divisions. 

On the typical Scoreholio app, you would have all 150 of those tournaments in a huge list one by one, making it nearly impossible for players to find the tournaments that they are actually in. Plus getting spectators to know where players are is a monumental task. 

With the event banner we were able to organize all of those tournaments into one tab and have a searchable field to find a specific player. 

On top of that we were able to have a dedicated tab that linked to the website for Spencer Mckenzies where players could see sponsors, check out the rules and have a site map. 


How much is an Event Banner?

Currently an event banner is free. Eventually there will be a paid aspect to the event banner depending on the radius (Miles from event) your event banner will show.


Benefits of an Event Banner?

Scoreholio is slowly becoming the go to place for finding tournaments for all sports across the globe. Your event will shine bright at the top of every tournament listing for all to see. What better way to market your event than to have all the Scoreholio eyeballs in that area checking out your Event. 


Where is the event banner shown and who can see my Event Banner?


Players can see event banners on the Find a Tournament Tab. When they go to the upcoming section the event banner will be prominently displayed at the top. When a player clicks the banner it will accordion out showing all the sub categories. 

Event banners are location specific and can run for a certain time. Players can only see 1 banner at a time. Priority on which banner is shown is as follows:


Date Range – Proximity – Priority

What can be shown on an event banner?

There are 3 types of categories that can go under an event banner:

  1. Tournaments: Any tournaments created in Scoreholio
  2. URL: We can link to a pre-registration link, or a site map, or anything. However you need to create the webpage and give us the link to send them to.



3. Player Search: If you have a bunch of tournaments in one category we can add a player search that has real time updating for the players records and where they are playing. Players/Spectators can click on the players name and be brought right to their tournament dashboard



What do I have to do to create an event banner?


Step 1: Look below for a few sample event banners we have created on Canva.
You can click on them and edit a banner yourself. NOTE: The Banner size has to be 4267 x 900 pixels for us to be able to display it. The event banners on Canva are the correct size. Do not adjust them.

Step 2: You only get 6 categories for the event on the drop down. Let us know what you would like your 6 categories to be. Here is an example of the categories:

Step 3: Take a screenshot of the tournaments you are wanting to add to your events list:









Sample screenshot:


Step 4: Email with all of the following:

  1. Attached your Banner Logo
  2. Attach your screenshot of all the tournaments you want in your event
  3. A list of 1-6 what you want your tabs to be called with what tournaments or url you want in those 6 categories
  4. The city and state your event will be taking place in
  5. The date range of your event

Step 5: Once your tournament is created you will want to mark all of your tournaments as public (Private tournaments will not show up).

Note: When you create split brackets, additional brackets, or clone a tournament that is in a category the tournaments created by the split or clone will remain in the category of the original tournament split or cloned from. 

Have any questions or suggestions regarding Event Banners? Email


Consolidating your massive event with a ton of tournaments into one location is now Easy Peasy!!!

Take a look at our Event Banner templates below. Customizing your event banner is so simple using Canva.


Event Banner Template 1

Event Banner Template 2

Event Banner Template 3

Event Banner Template 4