league play development – quick way

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I understand the complexities of making/running a league like the scheduling algorithm mainly. Looking at how your app works…and that import game log feature and the export log feature. I thought of an easy initial step for you guys to make a league option. If you have a set format for importing games, teams, data. etc. Then league directors could provide that info, your app imports it. then you have the games and weeks ready to go using your scoring element, etc. Then for standings….if you didn’t want to tackle that right away…as different leagues different tiebreakers, etc. Just have the export somewhat as you do now but more league oriented data outputted. Raw data like game, scores, team names, win, loss, into a spreadsheet. With predictable outputs….league directors could calculate the standings in excel . this is How I could see a quick implementation of league play leaving the scheduling and standings outside of the app. I could send a copy of an excel spreadsheet I used before that just about automated everything but scoring, which your app would make life easier for leagues.

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