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Pool play is a great way to accommodate lots of players, get around the limitation of 8 courts, or enable true round robin (everybody plays everybody) among subsets of players. The Spencer Makenzie’s model.

You can do it today by manually creating separate tournaments, but it’d be awesome if there was a way to partially automate this process.

In my perfect world, for round robin you’d check all of your players into one tournament, and Scoreholio would let you say “I want to create 3 pools called Gold, Silver and Bronze.” and the system would automatically, randomly and evenly assign players across those three pools.

After round robin, for playoffs, today you could manually set up tournaments for 2 or 3 brackets, and manually import players, but that is a bunch of repeatable/programmable tasks so it’d be sweet if THAT was automated too.

Scoreholio could let you configure three playoff brackets, say Gold, Silver and Bronze
You set gold bracket to import finishers 1-4 in each pool, put them into one bracket as your gold playoff
Then set Silver bracket to import players 5-8, and Bronze bracket to import players 9-12.

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  1. Raymond
    Raymond says:

    Great idea.. my tweak for concept ..say 60 teams..12 pools of 5.. Then roll over into multiple brackets.. 1st place finishers ..2nd place finishers etc..Dream is to run a 100 team or individual tournament.. where you are guaranteed 5 games..Less time sitting around and you wouldn’t be in a venue for 12 hrs smh

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