How to Use SPR+ to Figure out SPR Impact

Recently I was contacted by BJ Torres with Mile High Cornhole out of Denver. He had a question about how SPR works based on the fact that he’d played the same team back to back to back last night, the SPR impact was very different each time, and they ended up right where they started! He asked me to explain why his SPR moved the way it did.

As an introduction, the basic idea behind Scoreholio Player Rating is that everybody starts with 50 and it goes up for down every time you win or lose a game.How much…that depends! Beating somebody with a higher SPR will reward you more than beating somebody with a lower one, while losing to somebody with a higher SPR won’t punish you as much as losing to a lesser opponent. If you’re familiar with Elo, yes, it’s like that!

Now let’s take a look at what happened to BJ and his partner…

Look at the last three games in his player history. The first time No Smiles played Powerslide they spanked ’em 21-3, and their SPR went up by .53. Then Powerslide stepped up and beat them 21-19, causing them to go down .5. In the third game No Smiles won the rubber match 21-14 but their SPR only went up .06.

You might say “HUH!?!?” like BJ did, but utilizing SPR+ I was able to walk BJ through what happened and why.

Going into those games, BJ’s impressive SPR was 74.86. Using SPR+ we can go to the rankings tab and check on his partner Keven W who is the 4th best player in our global rankings pushing 80 with his 79.02 SPR.

For doubles games, our system averages the SPRs of the two players. So together BJ and Keven count as a 76.94 (No Smiles).

Team Powerslide is Tae H and David Corral. We can look them up using the search feature in the rankings tab, or we can search for “mile high” and find them in the club ranking.

Averaging Tae’s 67.24 and David’s 75.11 we arrive at a team SPR of 71.17 (Powerslide).

Now lets look at the games. Remember, No Smiles is a 76.94 and Powerslide is a 71.74. Based on that 5.77 difference Scoreholio will expect No Smiles to beat Powerslide by a decent margin. Not a blowout, nor a nailbiter, but a good solid win.

So what happened…

  1. In the first game, No Smiles delivers the win but it’s a 21-3 blowout. Scoreholio expected them to win, but not by that much, and the unexpected result moves them up .53 — a pretty good-sized jump! SPR impact is calculated immediately, so No Smiles new combined SPR is 77.44 to Powerslide 70.68, a new even bigger difference of 6.76.
  2. Which means in the second game when lower-rated Powerslide sneaks by No Smiles in a close match 21-19, that’s another unexpected result. Even though Powerslide barely beat them, the system sees that as a big win. So based on the narrow victory Powerslide moves up .5, almost as much as No Smiles benefited from a blowout the other way and their SPR’s are back where they started.
  3. The third game (finally!) plays out like the system thinks it should: No Smiles beats Powerslide 21-14. That, if you are a betting man, would be right where the money line would be. So No Smiles wins as expected and they move up a little bit, while Powerslide loses as expected and they take a little bit of a hit, but since it was the expected result based on their SPR delta, each only gets affected .06 on their overall score.

So at the end of three highly competitive, entertaining games between a bunch of solid cornhole players, their SPRs were right back where they started. But it sure was an interesting journey! I hope you’ll agree that SPR did a good job of predicting, tracking and factoring for the result of this exciting set of games.


Before every game, Scoreholio predicts what will happen based on both players’ or teams’ Scoreholio Player Ratings. If that does happen, both teams move up or down very little. If something unexpected happens like a lower rated upsetting somebody, or a team that’s supposed to squeak blowing somebody out, you’ll see much bigger swings in SPR. SPR+ allows all of you to dig into the stats for every game you play on the system. Remember to click on the Profile Settings on the top right, there you can edit your name or your club/crew you play for. We have lots more awesome features coming soon, so stay tuned.