Getting Started with Scoreholio

Getting started with any new piece of software can be daunting, especially one you’ll be using to do something as complex as running a cornhole tournament. We’ve tried to answer a bunch of questions in our FAQ and provide docs and tutorials that help you learn how to do everything you’ll need to do, but I wanted to summarize here the steps involved it with getting started with Scoreholio.

1. Signing up for your admin account

The first thing you’ll need to do is set up an account. Just go to where you’ll first be prompted to enter your email address, then provide your name and a password. Easy peasy!

2. Setting up your first tournament

Once you have an account, you can create your first tournament via the web or the app on your phone. Once you’ve logged in ot the web app or the “Organizer Options” section of the mobile app, you’ll see a “Create Tournament” button. Click that to define the time and place of your tournament, then set the format, size and style, e.g. singles or doubles, BYOP or blind draw, bracket or round robin, how many courts, etc. Here’s a step by step and video walkthrough on that.

3. Running your first tournament

Most folks find it hard to believe they can really run their entire event from their phone, but you really can! Lug a laptop around and use that at first if it makes you more comfortable, but seriously give the app a shot because you’ll be amazed and leave the laptop at home soon enough.

There’s obviously a lot that goes into running tournaments, so instead of trying to summarize that we’ll suggest you read through the docs and watch Ben’s video tutorials. We’ve tried to cover the most common topics, things like checking people in, assigning or editing team names, changing something once an event is underway, randomizing players for a blind draw, swapping a score if somebody enters it wrong and seeding/starting a bracket.

4. Scoreboards and dashboards

One of the coolest things about Scoreholio is that it lets players update scores and submit results using digital scoreboards, and streams that info to a dashboard, but that stuff isn’t necessary. Even without them Scoreholio makes your life easier by enabling instant checkin, automating brackets and round robin, alerting players when they’re up, and letting everybody follow the action from their phones.

But if you have experienced a Scoreholio tournament with scoreboards and dashboards, and have decided to set them up yourself, here’s how to set up scoreboards, and how to display your event dashboard on a monitor, projector or TV. Note that all scoreboards and dashboards do need internet connectivity. Here’s some tips on how to run Scoreholio events when there’s no WiFi available, or it sucks.

See?…Easy Peasy!!!

I hope this post has been helpful! If you’re going to run tournaments I suggest you run some tests and join our Scoreholio Event Organizers user group in Facebook. If you need help, you can hit us up via live chat on our web site or within the app.