We want to help you raise money for good causes!

Fundraisers Fly Free

Scoreholio gives organizers of fundraisers access to “Pro” level features for free so they can more easily run the best, biggest cornhole tournaments possible. This includes the live support option, to help organizers who aren’t experienced with running cornhole tournaments figure out how to best set things up and keep them running smoothly.

To take advantage of this offer, we just need you to email us a link to the event’s facebook page, along with the organizer’s email address. All we ask is that you add our logo to your flyer and mention Scoreholio in social media posts about the tournament. Sound fair?

Other Services

  • Free consultation to discuss format, equipment, promotion, prizes, etc.
  • Live chat support during setup and tournament itself (phone if possible, but can’t promise)
  • Help you find a recommended local provider of equipment and tournament running services if necessary and possible