7 Ways to Display Scoreholio Tablet Scoreboards

There are lots of ways you can set up a Scoreholio-powered tablet scoreboard at each court. I’ll introduce below the options you have, from simple tablet stands to score towers you can buy, plus some of the creative solutions our users (including me) have built on their own.

Tablet Stands


For some venues, you can simply set your tablets on a shelf, table or stool with a little tablet stand like this. If you find yourself doing that a lot, you can even secure the stand to the back of the tablet with double-sided tape.

Floor Stand

Ryan Labelle uses a tripod-based floor stand like the one to the right, and Chad Jacobsen of the Texas Cornhole league turned us on to this “gooseneck” option with a flat base.

These don’t have cupholders or any place to feature your club branding, but they’ll get your tablet right where you need it, are compact/portable and accomodate any tablet from 7-13″ and they only cost about $30 each.

Tablet-Friendly Score Towers You Can Buy

Here’s some commercially available score towers that we know of that let you display a tablet as your scoreboard. If you know of any others, let us know!

Cornhole Solutions

Cornhole Solutions makes score tower that twists together and features a slot that’ll accommodate tablet of almost any size. They’re made of 3/4″ baltic birch and can be direct printed with artwork of your choice.
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West Georgia Cornhole

West Georgia Cornhole sells a slick score tower called ScoreMate that features an old-school clip-style scoreboard, two cupholders and a slot on top that’s perfect for a tablet. It sells for around $50 depending on color, plus $5 if you want custom graphics, and they offer an optional LED light for $30.

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OV Cornhole

OV Cornhole announced and even posted a picture of a version of their PVC scoretower that can accomodate a tablet on top, but it’s not for sale yet. If this seems like what you’re looking for, hit ’em up.

Original Cornhole Company

Original Corhole Company makes and sells the score tower seen here. We couldn’t find any info about it on their Facebook page or web site, so if you’re interested you’ll have to contact them.

Homegrown Solutions

If you’re handy, you can build your own.

Homemade Folding Scoretower

Here’s one Greg built. It folds flat, accomodates a 7″ Amazon Fire at the top, and has a french cleat that can handle a cupholder.

Metal Hanging Bracket

Here’s a cool bracket Keven Cordova of Cornhole Idaho built out of sheet metal. It’s got a wrapover thing at the top so they can hang them on their folding score towers or just about anything with a lip.

TV Tray + Clip-on Gooseneck

Eric Cruz combined a $10 TV tray with a clip-on goose neck tablet holder to create a unit that gives players a nice shelf for their drinks and stuff, while displaying up to a 10″ tablet.