Our group absolutely loves this app, check in is a breeze and they love the fact that they can keep up with their progress and it encourages rivalries with friends!!! The ease of running a tournament from a directors standpoint is easy peasy! It’s allowed me to play and actually enjoy the matches instead of worrying about the tournament running smoothly and being interrupted every two mins having to announce a match. In addition, the fact that people that can’t make our weekly blind draws/switcholio can follow the action live from anywhere is AWESOME!!! HIGHLY RECOMMEND!!! 10 STARS!!!

Brad WilsonCotton Belt Baggers

“If you run a cornhole league scoreholio is a no brainer. After taking a year off of playing to run the league, I am now able to play again. After scanning players in and setting up tablets for scoreboards scoreholio does the rest for you. Constantly updating the app to stay relevant to organizers wishes and requests. With almost immediate response times for support I wonder if these guys ever sleep. They have created the future of cornhole. Looking forward to what’s to come!”

Matt MarinCentral Connecticut Cornhole

“I run the cornhole tournament for a huge festival, before the bands and crazy night stuff. Dozens of teams, 8+ courts. Scoreholio totally changed the game this year. Players were super impressed with how smoothly it ran, and as for me — I hit start tournament and played in my own tournament while Scoreholio took care of all the stuff I stressed about last year!”

Greg HagenEmerald City Cornhole

“I run a weekly league with 90 people every Thursday. I did it for a few years without Scoreholio and it was OK, but with Scoreholio it is easy peasy and I won’t run a any other way now. Not only is the software great, but people get to play around 2 more games a week because the software ensures that your courts are always being used. We also do many tournaments throughout the year, and I’ve never had any major issues. I strongly suggest you try it!”

Evan BelangerMcGregor Columbian Club Cornhole League

“This sounds dramatic but it’s life changing if you’re ultimate goal is to throw bags. I tend to be OCD about doing well run, smooth tournaments. And we do, we run great tourneys…but it has always effected my play. Scoreholio changed that. Once I hit start, I get to focus on throwing bags as opposed to updating brackets and tracking players down. And the tourneys run even more smoothly than before. In fact, I’ve had to adjust how much time I plan to use, because tourneys go 20-25% faster.”

Len HiattCowlitz County Cornhole
“I run two scenes in New Jersey, and have experimented with Scoreholio twice but last night played in my first tournament powered by Scoreholio, and seeing it for what it really is — if you don’t get on this your leagues will be left behind in the very near future. From the check-ins to messages and live scoring and all self-run, its a no brainer and I can’t wait to apply it to our league.”
Joe CocuzzaBurlco Cornhole and South Central Jersey Cornhole

“Scoreholio or Switchholio is a very fun blind draw night. The app has increased tournament play in Arizona. We started one location a little over a year ago and we have dramatically increased to 4+ locations to play.”

Valerie Lopez Shot Kings Cornhole

“If you run a cornhole league and haven’t used Scoreholio, you’re missing out. We’ve used if for the last five weeks, and it was flawless. We have 32 teams on 8 courts and each team plays between 6-7 games per night for a total of 31 games. The new game log export is so simple, as well where we send out weekly updates to our players with some basic formatting. We’ll now import the top and bottom half into individual tournaments for next week’s championships. This was seriously the easiest-peasiest league we’ve ever run!”

Keven CordovaCornhole Idaho

“Keep up the great work! Love Scoreholio for Houston Sports & Social Club and our sub-entity Houston Cornhole League. We use it for a multitude of activities, games, and sports such as bags, volleyball, events, etc. Love it!”

LeSean LockridgeHouston Sport & Social Club

“This kickass app has made running 3 tournament nights a week with an average of 40 players a night an absolute dream. I don’t know much when it comes to computers but This is easy peezy and my players love it. Super fast, 7 courts, 30 teams, RR 4 rounds SE, 3.5 hours with tablets. Going to get 2 web cams now for live streaming. These guys have it together!”

Jim WosnukFolsom CCA

“I have to say how great switcholio and more importantly Scoreholio has been in my first attempt in creating a league and getting people involved in a small community here in Utah. We have truly made a special group where the sky is the limit! Shout out to the small but amazing team at Scoreholio, you guys have something special and I’m all in!”

Colby LivingstonWasatch Back Cornhole

“Ran my first tournament today with Scoreholio. TV, scoretowers, tablets the whole nine yards and I have to tell you it went Great! To be honest I just took Cornhole to a whole new level in good ol Fremont Nebraska by using Scoreholio. Had a few scores submitted backwards = easy fix. Couple tablets lost connection = no problem used scoretowers and submitted in kiosk mode. The best part is all the compliments on how well the tourney went and how easy it was to run. I even played this time! Awesome, thanks team Scoreholio I am a believer.”

Jim KallioKallio’s Custom Cornhole

I, along with the other two directors of the Tall City Baggers, Joel Ramos and Joe Ramirez, have really been pushing Scoreholio to everyone we talk to! Scoreholio makes everything easier and allows us to be more active in the games as we know all is being handled via the AWESOME app you guys have worked so hard creating!!! Being the newest region of the TCL and only league covering most of the western portion of Texas, we’re anticipating ALOT of people getting more involved in cornhole! Thanks for doing an amazing job…by the way…your customer service is TOP NOTCH!!! Keep up the good work!!!

Cody CrosslandTall City Baggers

“Scoreholio has transformed our bar league! Court assignment notifications seem like magic; they’ve improved pace of play and I don’t have to babysit the boards anymore since everyone knows where to be when. With Switcholio, players love the ability to get to know other players with the rotating partner matchups, and the competitive people in our group love tracking their stats, so it’s a perfect way to make things fair and fun for all skill levels.”

Josh Oberheide

“Our group changed to Switcholio last week and everyone loved it. This will be the format that we will stay with and the developers of Scoreholio are right on it to answer any of your questions.. No doubt one of the best things to ever happen to cornhole including those #OverratedGameChangers.”

Arrgh KellyWestern Pennsylvania Cornhole Association

“I just wanted to tell you that Scoreholio took my tournament to the next level. Great product. I still need to get more comfortable using it but it’s so user friendly I feel confident I’ll get to that point soon.   Next tournament is in a couple weeks and Scoreholio will be there.”

Southern Oregon Cornhole

“It went so well tonight, we had the best turnout at this venue that we’ve ever had. We are in the south and many of our players are “old timers” very resistant to change. Everyone had a great time. And I think we’re changing a paradigm. Really appreciate all your support!”

Courtney SmithKyle’s Cornhole Boards

“It’s so good it makes people think I know how to run tournaments!”

No more blind draws for me. I run my social tournaments with Switcholio, and competitive tournaments I run round robin into a single elimination playoff. I’m trying to get away from double elimination tournaments. I think people only like them because it’s what they’re used to, and before Scoreholio it was really hard to run a round robin and use the results to seed a playoff bracket — which Scoreholio makes “easy peasy!”

Jayme CarlsonNorthern Illinois Cornhole
“Scoreholio just makes sense! Although, I’m more of a support user of Scoreholio for our Pacific Coast Cornhole league, I found it very simple to learn & navigate. It’s really cool when Jeff Chimienti, our primary person and an early adopter and Scoreholio whiz is busy playing and I feel comfortable enough to step in and help out our players. The Scoreholio Switcholio option has added such an amazing dimension to our program that’s loved by our players!”
JC CovaleskyPacific Coast Cornhole

“I absolutely love that I can play in my tournaments now! Easy set up and all my players love it!”

Christy AnnCharleston Cornhole

“My group and I wouldn’t know what to do without Scoreholio! It’s made things easier for me, and helped our group grow to almost 5o players. We ran our pre-season tournament last night — 38 players played a 4-game Switcholio round robin and for playoffs I split everybody into upper and lower brackets. The system worked flawlessly and everyone loved it! Our smoothest tournament thanks to Scoreholio!”

Eli French
“Just wanted to thank you for guiding me toward the use of Scoreholio. I initially let some tech-savvy players run the games, but recently have taken the games over myself and am amazed at how easy things are! I appreciate all you do for this sport, and you’ve helped my business’ bottom line in a way that I will always be thankful for.”
JoeOwner, Triple Play
“We run Scoreholio it at our Spokane Cornhole League events, and on my personal group Bags N’ Holes. It totally takes the pain out of running events and lets the admins actually play — it’s great!!!”
Kyle PlesekSpokane Cornhole League & Bags n Holes
First time running an event with 30 plus…. everyone loved it. Thank you to the Scoreholio guys…great product and we greatly appreciate all the work you do!”
Michael WoodringBeltway Baggers

“Scoreholio can take you from 0 to hero in less than a week! “Easy Peasy” to use and caught on like wildfire here in South Mississippi!”

Daniel TobiasGoula Cornhole

“Scoreholio is so amazing — almost makes it too easy to run a tourney.”

Jeff ChimientiPacific Coast Cornhole

“We have used Scoreholio for months now and have had little to no issue with the software. Scoreholio has turned our tournaments into an absolute winner, people love the phone alerts and ease of using the tablets. Anytime I have needed anything you guys are only a chat menu away. Thanks for the great work, here’s to a bright future under the lights killing the cornhole game using Scoreholio!”


“This app seriously saved us! We ran a 45-team fundraiser and Scoreholio did all the work for us. Plus, I had so many questions about how to set up our tournament and Ben helped me with everything…thanks Ben!”

Jamie SamuelsonCourt Advocates for Children of Kittitas County

“Love the app. Finally someone bringing the game into this century – digital scoreboards, dashboard to view games/brackets, etc. Just fantastic. The creators are also very quick with support and tips via their Facebook group.”

“Been using this app for about 8 months… has brought our tournaments and weekly game to a whole new level ! No more paper brackets, no more calling out court assignments… register players, create the tournament , and then I can run my business or even better , jump in and play in the tournament ! Developers are awesome at listening to users feedback and are committed to growing the sport … Thank you Scoreholio!”