Scoreholio Expands - 4BAGR Acquisition

For immediate release Scoreholio Expands its Market-Leading…

Way to go, West Branch Cornhole!

The most gratifying thing about running Scoreholio is hearing how we help make life easier for those who use cornhole to build community and camaraderie with leagues and weekly blind draws. I thought this note from Jim Psik who runs West Branch Cornhole in Williamsport, Pennsylvania, was not only super nice but does a great job of explaining the value of Scoreholio in the words of a user.

Helping Santa Clarita Heal Through Cornhole

Last week my home town of Santa Clarita experienced a school shooting that took two young lives, seriously injured three more, and deeply affected every one of us who live here and love this town. I now know first-hand the trauma of needing to get your family together, safe, while begrudgingly respecting the need to lock schools down, shelter in place and let law enforcement do their job, and I wouldn’t wish that experience and helpless feeling on anybody. I also, through cornhole, now know the gratifying feeling of helping the community you love come together to heal and support the victims of something like this.