7 Ways to Display Scoreholio Tablet Scoreboards

There are lots of ways you can set up a Scoreholio-powered tablet scoreboard at each court. I’ll introduce below the options you have, from simple tablet stands to score towers you can buy, plus some of the creative solutions our users (including me) have built on their own.

Setting the Right Number of Courts and Rounds

One of the best things about round robin is that everybody gets to play the same number of games. To make sure that happens, you need to know many games you should let them play, how many courts you should run, etc. The good news is that it’s easy peasy thanks to some rules of thumb I’ll share below. I’ll explain a little bit of the “why” for you curious types. If you’re looking for easiest peasiest mode, here’s two things that render the rest of this blog unnecessary. 4 is Your Friend: If you run four games, you’ll always be golden. Odd + Odd = Bad: Don’t run an odd # of games and an odd # of teams.

Running a Round Robin Cornhole Tournament with Scoreholio

I bet you’re used to double elimination cornhole tournaments where you’re a “loser” with one loss and out of the action with a second. It’s the most common format by far, but during several years running double elimination cornhole tournaments I became painfully familiar with a few huge drawbacks. I think double elimination brackets became popular because running one used to be easier than round robin, but Scoreholio has made round robin easy peasy. Here’s how to set up and run a round robin tournament with a playoff using Scoreholio.